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Pink V60 Pour Over Kit


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We've paired the iconic Hario V60 with our #Barty Pink Label a strong 🚀 dark full-body filter profile from Ethiopia Harrar, a fairtrade natural processed #Arabica

Everything you need for a world-class cup of filter, a Barty in the comfort of your own home.

We thought it was an espresso profile but we were fooled due to its deep plummy wine notes, maple syrup, *burnt* fig and stone fruit — well balanced and again super smooth not for the faint-hearted.

Hario makes the V60 dripper in a range of materials from plastic to copper - conveniently the plastic model is on the most affordable end of the spectrum and is also the BEST for heat retention. Meaning your water temperature during the brew stays hotter and more stable resulting in better extraction and a better-tasting cup!

The ultimate V60 pour-over technique; 

Add 25 grams of #Barty into your V60 filter, boil a jug of water to 98 C / 200 F degrees, be sure to use filter water, pre-heat the V60, getting the paper taste out first, then proceed with a 1:25 ratio, pouring over 60-90 grams of water, 350 out in 4mins including the bloom will make a proper #Barty filter. 

Barty has spent months perfecting this roast profile our little way to continue to give back, bringing awareness to #mensmentalhealth powered by AVOCA Ventures.com

Kit Includes:

  • Hario V60 2 Cup Dripper - White Ceramic 
  • Hario V60 Filter (40 Units)
  • Ethiopian Harrar (ground beans specific for your V60 filter)