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Costa Rica Hacienda Pilas #0806

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Hacienda Pilas is located high in Costa Rica’s West Valley in the Naranjo area with its rich volcanic soils and an altitude of 1000 to 1200 metres.

Something special- very high cupping scores on all aspects.

Ripe cherries, nectarine, peach, dutch cocoa. An amazing coffee from this famous region.

West Valley is renowned for its high-quality coffee, helped by its climate and distinct dry and wet seasons.

Roast & Profile No.:

Roasted on the 22nd of March, Dev 16.3% on 3rd Drop, Profile No. #0806 

Owned and managed by Eduardo Gurdian Pacheco, a passionate and experienced coffee agronomist with extensive experience in Costa Rica and Sumatra.

Eduardo’s family have generations of coffee growing experience in Costa Rica, something that shows in the quality of the estate's coffee.

Hacienda Pilas is dedicated to the growth and production of coffee under strict sustainable and social labour practices. Currently, the Hacienda employs more than 30 permanent workers, plus 200 pickers during the harvest season.

Its 160 hectares of Catuai coffee grow on fertile volcanic soils at on altitude between 1000 to 1200 metres above sea level, classified as Good Hard Bean according to the international standards.

Region- San Jerónimo de Naranjo

Score- 86

Type- Arabica