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Chemex 6 Cup Square Filters, 100 PK- Natural

Barty Single Origin

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Keep on brewing with more Chemex 6 Cup Square Filters, 100PK - Natural (not bleached). Designed to fit all Chemex 6 cup brewers, but not suitable for the 3 cup Chemex.

20-30% thicker than other coffee filters, these Chemex filters keep all grounds and oils out of your brew, producing a clean body and crisp flavour. The cone shape ensures a balanced extraction and makes the brewing process more forgiving. These square filters are pre-folded for convenience and are not bleached.

Chemex 6 Cup Square Filters, 100 PK- Natural Features

Cleaner, brighter Coffee – With 20-30% more thickness come improved filtration.

Natural Filter Paper – Brown textured paper, un-bleached for the most natural result in filtration.

Suits 6 Cup Brewer – Pre-Folded to open up and begin to use straight away.

This Product Includes:

  • 1 x Chemex 6 Cup Square Filters, 100PK- Oxygen Bleached


Materials Natural Filter Paper
Compatible Brewer
  • Chemex 6 Cup, Glass Handle, 900ml
  • Chemex Classic 6 Cup, 900ml