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Chemex® 3 Cup Filters

Barty Single Origin

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Chemex® 3 Cup Filters are a 20-30% thicker alternative to the standard Chemex filters. The thick paper provides a good balance between clean mouthfeel, crisp acidity and clarity of taste. This filter is designed specifically to fit the 3 cup Chemex.

The 3-cup Chemex® is a classic brewing system that has stood the test of time. The Chemex® was designed to brew an aromatic cup of coffee by maximising the surface area of contact between the water and coffee while minimising the contact time. This allows for a more complete extraction of flavour, aroma and essential oils from coffee resulting in a cleaner cup with less acidity and greater clarity. 

Chemex® 3 Cup Filters FEATURES

Cleaner, brighter Coffee – With 20-30% more thickness come improved filtration.

Oxygen Bleached Filter Paper – White paper, with no chemicals used. Odor and Taste free.

Suits 3 Cup Brewer – Unfolded, you’ll just need to fold them into a cone to use on the 3 Cup Chemex.


  • 100 x Chemex® 3 Cup Filters


Materials Oxygen Bleached Filter Paper
Compatible Brewer