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Cafetto S15 Cleaning Tablets 1.5g

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Ensure your superautomatic espresso machine stays in tip-top shape with these Cafetto S15 Cleaning Tablets 1.5g. Designed to remove stubborn coffee oils and grounds, these tablets will keep your machine running for years. NSF-certified to ensure the safety of you and your gear.

Directions: use your machine’s manufacturer instructions to locate where to place the tablet and how to rinse it out of the machine.

Note: these tablets are designed to work specifically with Breville, De Longhi, Macco, Miele, Saeco, Schaerer, SCS, Solis and Stentorfield superautomatic espresso machines.


  • 1 x Cafetto S15 Cleaning Tablets 1.5g
Cleaning Sessions 8
Weight 1.5g/Tablet

Cafetto S15 Cleaning Tablets 1.5g Is Compatible With

  • Select Superautomatic Espresso Machines
    • Breville
    • De Longhi
    • Macco
    • Miele
    • Saeco
    • Schaerer
    • SCS
    • Solis
    • Stentorfield

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