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Cafetto Restore Descaler 4pack

Barty Single Origin

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Scale buildup is the #1 reason espresso and coffee machines break down, but with this Cafetto Restore Descaler 4pack, you won’t have to worry about that. But it won’t only keep your coffee gear safe—it’s also safe for you: phosphate free, GMO-free, biodegradable, and registered for organic use.

Note: designed for home espresso machines and single-serve pod/capsule brewers.

Descaling Instructions:

  • Remove your espresso machine water tank filter.
  • Mix 1 sachet of Cafetto Restore Descaler  with 1 Litre of warm water until it dissolves, then pour it into your water tank.
  • Place a mug under the spout and run about 300ml of solution through the machine and another 150ml through the steam wand.
  • Rest for 15 minutes, than repeat this process until all the solution has been used.
  • Thoroughly rinse the machine and steam wand with a full water tank of clean water before brewing coffee.
  • Replace the water filter.


  • 4 x Cafetto Restore Descaler Sachets
Cleaning Sessions 4
Weight 24g/Sachet

Cafetto Restore Descaler 4pack Is Compatible With

  • Home Espresso Machines
  • Single-Serve Pod/Capsule Brewers

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