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Bruer Cold Drip - Spare Parts

Barty Single Origin

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Bruer Top Tower

Made with high borosilicate glass, the Bruer Cold Drip’s Top Tower is the key to the whole cold brewing operation. It holds the coffee grounds, the ice water, and fits the drip adjuster snuggly in the center.

 *Silicone rings and drip adjuster not included.

Bruer Bottom Carafe

Also made with high borosilicate glass, the Bruer Bottom Carafe makes it easy to store you cold brew coffee in the fridge for on-demand enjoyment. It sits perfectly under the Bruer Top Tower and catches the coffee as it drains for an all-in-one brew and store experience.

Metal Filter

Replace your old metal filter on the Bruer Cold Drip with a new stainless steel mesh one to refresh the process and begin brewing cold coffee once more. Keeping the Filter clean only requires regular soaking in hot water after each use, though they will eventually become clogged from use over time.

Grinds Gasket

Replace a broken or torn rubber gasket, that holds the metal filter in place on your Bruer Cold Brew system with a new rubber gasket to continue brewing great tasting cold brew coffee. Available in four colours to suit your original Bruer, or mix it up to add a splash of extra colour to your cold brew unit.

Metal Filter with Gasket

Replace the full set of the metal filter and rubber gasket on your Bruer cold brew system to begin brewing great coffee once more.

Water Tank Lid

Replace the lid to your Bruer Cold Brew maker when it is lost, broken or in need of a revamp. This lid will fit any Bruer water tank, and create the ideal seal for your freshwater whilst brewing. A handy interior lid doubles as the lid for the Brewed Coffee carafe once brewed. So it's more of a two-in-one lid!

Water Tower Gasket

The all-important gasket that sits between the water tank glass and the carafe glass - ensures a tight seal. The gasket helps hold the Bruer Cold brew station up, steadying it for hours whilst your brewing happens.  Replace this seal as soon as it drys, cracks or goes missing - as it's the core to keeping the Bruer doing what it does best.

Bruer Valve

The Bruer Valve is the heart of the Bruer Cold Brew System. Designed to slowly and precisely open the flow of water and control it down to a very slow drip. This valve is what makes the cold brew coffee so delicious! A slow and even drip will always create a full-flavoured amazing cold brew. Replace the valve as soon as you notice it is unable to keep a steady drip and you'll keep brewing great cold brew coffee on the Bruer, virtually forever.