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Brewista Nasty Milk Jug

Barty Single Origin

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Brewista innovates the frothing jug with the expertise of Irvine Quek, the youngest winner of the World Latte Art Competition. Created for beginners and expert baristas alike, the Nasty Jug offers better pour control and improved stability thanks to its longer groove and “V” shape spout, and a short handle that is enhanced with 2 junction points. 

Like its unconventional name, the Nasty Jug also features an unconventional elongated oval shape that is meant to increase the flow of the milk and reduce its distance from the surface of the coffee on the cup. The spout also sports a deeper V that allows the barista a better-controlled pour for more creative and detailed latte art.

Last but not least is the Nasty Jug’s characteristic short handle with 2 junction points which helps position the pitcher closer to the hand, giving the barista a comfortable grip that results in more precise pours.

Brewista Nasty Milk Jug Features

High stability pouring -  Every design aspect of the Nasty Jug was chosen to give the barista better control pour after pour.

V-shape spout - Create latte art that is as detailed as you like with the Nasty Jug’s deeper V-shape spout.

Oval body - The oval body helps to further close the gap between the spout and the surface of the coffee and improves the flow of the frothed milk.

Ergonomic handle - The short handle features 2 junction points where the hands can rest comfortably while maintaining the perfect grip for the perfect pour 

Bold aesthetic - The eye-catching design and color scheme of the Nasty Jug looks fantastic in your hand and on the brew bar.

This product includes:

  • 1x Brewista Nasty Jug Milk Frothing Pitcher
  • 1X wristlet lanyard

The Specifics

  • Material - Stainless Steel
  • Available in two sizes - 400 ml and 600 ml

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