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Bodum Caffettiera 8 Cup Press

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Enjoy rich and balanced french press coffee at home with the Bodum Caffettiera 8 Cup Press. This simple and stylish brewer is built with durable parts and will bring you stellar coffee for years to come.

Brewing with the press is straightforward and repeatable, making it easy to brew great coffee day after day. Simply mix coffee grounds and water, wait a few minutes, then plunge and pour. Even newcomers to coffee will have an easy time with the device.

Basic French Press Instructions:

  • Grind 50g of coffee at a coarse setting and pour into the carafe.
  • Add 830ml of hot water to the frenchpress, saturating all the grounds.
  • Wait 3-4 minutes, then plunge the filter.
  • Pour and enjoy.

The resulting coffee is full-flavoured and full-bodied, thanks to the stainless steel double filter. This filter allows the coffee’s natural oils to pass through, as well as some micro-grounds. Both of these enhance the flavour and body of your brew.

The steel filter also eliminates the need for paper filters, which cuts down on unnecessary waste. The glass carafe is made with Bodum’s famous and durable high borosilicate glass and has a capacity of 1L.

The steel frame is plated with chrome for an incredible shine. The lid and handle are made from BPA-Free plastic, and the lid is designed to reduce spills and splashes.

Bodum Caffettiera 8 Cup Press Features

Classic Frenchpress Coffee - Brews up to 1L of the full-flavoured, full-bodied coffee you know and love.

Simple, Consistent Brewing - Easy to use, thanks to the simple and repeatable process.

Permanent Filter - Double filter keeps large grounds out of your coffee and eliminates paper waste from single-use filters.

Durable Bodum Glass - High borosilicate glass that’ll last for years.

Safety Lid - Keeps spills and splashes from interrupting a pleasant morning.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Bodum Caffettiera 8 Cup Press

The Specifics

  • Materials: Bodum Glass, Chrome-Plated Steel, BPA-Free Plastic
  • Capacity: 8 Cup (1L)

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