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Black Stealth Milk Pitcher


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Rhinowares Black Stealth Milk Pitcher – 12oz/360ml. Featuring a professional pouring spout, a thick stainless steel body, and a captivating black coating, it’s a great jug pick for any home or cafe barista.

The Rhinowares pouring spout is well beloved around the world for how it gives you improved control over your milk pouring, which ultimately leads to cleaner, crisper art. An ergonomic handle designed for the busy barista adds another layer of control.

The 360ml pitcher itself is made with 1mm thick stainless steel and can take a beating in busy cafes. It also slows down the milk heating to allow for more precision in the milk stretching phase of steaming. A double non-stick coating gives the pitcher some flair and personality.

Cleaning is quick and easy, but we don’t suggest putting this pitcher through the dishwasher.