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Barty Peruvian Alto Palomar SHG Grade 1 Fairtrade Organic

Barty Single Origin

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Our Barty decaf is for all you coffee lovers and the ones who cannot metabolise caffeine easily or don't need the rush of anxiety.

Enjoy the flavour and experience of coffee without the caffeine. #Barty takes great pride in selecting green beans and this profile is no exception.

 A clean profile with good body and green apple acidity, faint cocoa note, and smooth and sweet lingering chocolate finish. 100% chemical free with no-caffeine.

We've ensured the highest quality in the cup, we selected this bean from a region well known for its specialty farms and with the application of the Swiss Water Process which gently removes caffeine without the use of chemicals.

Who said decaf can’t taste good? 

A Swiss Water Processed well-balanced, a clean profile with good body and green apple acidity, faint cocoa notes, and a smooth and sweet lingering chocolate finish. 100% chemical-free with no caffeine.

About this Peruvian Decaf Coffee

This is a varietal blend of the Bourbon, Typica, and Caturra coffees, fro one of the world's top Fairtrade Organic producing origins: Peru.

Early records of coffee plantations in Peru are from the late 18th century, reaching the Chanchamayo region in the early 19th century. The name of the region is derived from the river Chanchamayu which originates in the Andes Mountain Range.

Peruvian coffee grows in the Andean valleys and high jungle, where the fertile soil, high altitude, and high humidity of the region make it a favourable coffee-growing area.

Coffee is grown in the shade of plant species native to the region. This way farmers ensure the maintenance and regeneration of indigenous biodiversity. The coffee is then harvested completely by hand.


Grower Cooperativa Agraria Cafetelera Ecologica
Caturra, Typica
Chanchamayo, Peru
April - July
Altitude 1200 - 1800 MASL
Fertile Soil
Process Natural, Swiss Decaf Washed
Certification Fairtrade Organic
Roast Profile Medium (O)(O)(o)( . )( . )
Brew Recipe Best both as V60/pour over or espresso, with or without milk.


^Please be sure to use filter water and best 7 days from the date of roast. We roast every Saturday and ship domestically Monday mornings, leaving enough time for the beans to de-gas while in transit, for a fresh roast to cup.

This coffee initiative is the bi-product of Avoca continuing to pay it forward with all proceeds going to a kids & parents mental health charity. 

It’s OK to be not OK, we've got you covered.  

As such all orders are made to order from our very own micro-roastery in Darlinghurst.