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Barty FST Gesha Coffee Four Pack

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Gesha is one of the worlds highest quality coffee varieties, in the same way, that wine grapes come in different varietals so too does coffee. Coffea Arabica has literally dozens of varietals – Caturra, Catuai, Bourbon, Pacamara – and perhaps most famous of all, Gesha.

This Barty FST Gesha pairing four-pack includes;

**Cans of FST specialty coffee, this is a limited edition 4 pack of 330mL filter V60 pour-over brew, roasted, de-gassed for 7 days, and canned & chilled, and only available online.

Gesha originally came to Panama from Ethiopia in the twentieth century as part of efforts to find disease-resistant fruit.

The result was serendipity – the unique terroir of the Panama coffee region speaking to the Gesha varietal to produce the most beautiful coffee in the world. Gesha is now the “go-to” coffee in specialty coffee competitions internationally and is found on the menus of the most discerning coffee houses and fine dining establishments around the world. 

Finca Santa Teresa (FST) is a coffee farm and mill in Santa Clara, Renacimiento, nestled high in the cloud forest near the Volcán Barú; Panama’s highest peak, adjacent to La Amistad National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The Farm occupies 237 acres of stunning forest between 1400-1600m above sea level. FST produce a range of premium specialty coffees, including Gesha, Caturra, Catuai, Typica and Pacamara varietals, and service multiple processes.

FST coffee is carefully handpicked and processed at our mill which is located on the main, larger farm that comprises FST. The smaller farm – Batista – is a short drive away and is separated by virgin forest and our water source, La Llorona.

FST coffees are regular finalists in the Best of Panama competition, with more than a dozen awards in the last decade.

FST has a guest cabin on the farm which offers visitors the opportunity to wake up to a sunrise, overlooking the rolling clouds over La Amistad National Park and, in the distance, neighbouring Costa Rica.


^Please be sure to use filter water and best 7 days from the date of roast. We roast every Saturday and ship domestically Monday mornings, leaving enough time for the beans to de-gas while in transit, for a fresh roast to cup.