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 Airscape Glass & Bamboo Lid

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The Airscape Glass & Bamboo Lid is made with strong, durable, and heat-resistant borosilicate glass, with a smooth Bamboo lid. The Glass used is 100% food-safe, and is an elegant option for any home or cafe setting, featuring the Airscape inner lid.

With its patented lid design the Airscape removes and locks out the air from the container, making sure that your food storage is protected. Using an air valve, the Airscape lid forces out the air as you push down on the inner lid, releasing the air from the container. You can then close the valve to lock out the air and lock in the freshness.

Coffee storage is just as important as how it’s brewed. It’s got to stop oxygen & humidity from spoiling the freshness. Reusable, re-fillable and stackable; They are the optimal dry goods storage solution.

Airscape Glass & Bamboo Lid FEATURES

Stackable Containers – Save on space and stay organised. The Airscape lite fit comfortably on top of one another.

Increase Shelf life of Perishables – Free from oxygen & sunlight food will spoil slower than normal. 

BPA-Free Plastic – Airscape BPA-Free copolyester resists scratching and staining.

Easy to Clean – Dishwasher safe body with a hand-washable inner lid.

Canister for any ingredient – Store tea, flour, sugar, cereal, seeds, nuts, dog food and anything else that you need to keep freshly stored away.


  •  Airscape Glass & Bamboo Lid Container


Materials BPA-Free Copolyester, Silicon seal, Bamboo Lid
Dimensions Small  – 107mm (H) x 127mm (D)

Medium  – 175mm (H) x 127mm (D)

Capacity Small  – 250g Whole Beans

Medium  –  500g Whole Beans

Manufacturers Planetary Design



  • 250g Small
  • 500g Medium