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Aesir Paper Filter for AeroPress Coffee Maker

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Aesir AeroPress Paper Filter is a premium paper filter option for the Aeropress coffee brewer. Using the highest quality paper; Results are a coffee that is sweeter for being cleaner and brighter, with a balanced body having less sediment and bitterness.

With testing done on a wide variety of paper of different pore sizes, thicknesses, flow rates, and taste; One was found that makes the absolute best tasting cup of coffee for the Aeropress. With more consistent pulp construction in the making of the paper, the increased integrity of the paper wall ensures an even filtration, which will block more sediment and create a cup with more clarity and a cleaner taste. And yet at the same time, unlike other thick Aeropress paper filters, they don't diminish the body of the coffee.

Adored by champion Baristas around the world, including Shuichi Sasaki - 2014 World Aeropress Champion, Carolina Ibarra Garay - 2018 World Aeropress Champion, Rasmus Madsen - 2019 Danish Brewers Cup Champion, Michiko Ohara - 2019 Japanese Aeropress Champion.

Aesir AeroPress Paper Filter FEATURES

Increased Uniformity – With a more dense distribution of pore size, the integrity of the filter is improved.

Consistent Filtration – Twice as thick as a regular Aeropress filter, the flow through the filter will be more controlled.

100 Pack – You’ll regard them as important as any other element in the brewing process. 


  • Aesir AeroPress Paper Filters




Pack Size


Paper Thickness

220μm (± 22 μm)

Aesir Paper Filters are compatible with:

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Available Pack Sizes

  • 100
  • 300