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AeroPress Tote Bag

Barty Single Origin

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Keep track of your AeroPress, filters, beans, and accessories with the AeroPress Tote Bag. This simple, yet effective, bag will ensure that all your gear is organized and accessible, rather than scattered all over your luggage.

Constructed from the same nylon that skydivers trust for their parachutes, you can be confident that this tote bag will endure the usual wear and tear of traveling around home or abroad.

AeroPress Tote Bag Features

Carry Everything, Everywhere - Take your AeroPress and accessories everywhere you go with ease.

Parachute Nylon - Constructed with the same nylon that skydivers trust for their parachutes.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Aeropress Tote Bag

The Specifics

  • Materials: Parachute Nylon

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