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AeroPress Go Coffee Kit

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Grind your beans and brew them anywhere in the world with the Aerobie AeroPress & Rhinowares Tall Grinder set. This combo features two of the most travel-friendly coffee items on the market. They’re lightweight, compact, and endure the wear and tear of all type of travel.

The AeroPress, though simply designed, is an effective coffee brewer that’s beloved around the world for its ability to make rich and balanced coffee. Made with durable polypropylene, you’ll never have to worry about it breaking mid-journey.

Basic Aeropress Recipe:

  • Assemble the brewer and grind 16g of coffee at a medium setting
  • Fill the Aeropress to the top with hot water and stir the grounds for 10 seconds
  • After 90 seconds, press down the plunger slowly
  • Finish plunging by 2 minutes

Included in the bundle is 350 AeroPress Paper Filters, which encourage your final brew to be crisp in flavor and clean in body.

The Rhinowares Tall Grinder is designed for painless travel brewing, though it’s great for home use as well. The ceramic conical burrs grind your beans with speed and accuracy and are protected by a sturdy stainless steel shell.

With the ability to grind and brew without any electricity or batteries, you’ll be set to make great coffee anywhere.

Aerobie AeroPress & Rhinowares Tall Grinder Features

World-Beloved Coffee - Includes the Aeropress, one of the most prestigious and beloved coffee makers in the world.

350 Paper Filters - Easy to use and produce coffee that’s clean and crisp.

Conical Burr Grinder - The grinder features ceramic burrs that grind coffee with precision, all the while remaining lightweight and compact.

Travel Coffee Made Easy - Brew coffee you love anywhere with this light, durable, and compact gear.

This product includes: