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Acaia Pearl Scales

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The Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale Black is a scale that can weigh your coffee and water in real-time, count time for you, and offer insights about your pouring speed has finally arrived: the Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale in black.

Scale delays can throw off coffee brewing, so the Acaia Pearl Black features a rapid 20 millisecond response time to give you a real-time reading.. The scale can measure weight down to a tenth of a gram, empowering coffee brewers of all levels to achieve pinpoint precision. Never lose track of brewing time again with the embedded stopwatch.

The Acaia Android and iOS app collection can collect information via bluetooth about your pouring rate so you can see how quickly you are pouring. The apps also include brewing recipes for you to try and allow you to share your own experiments with the coffee world.

The Acaia Pearl Black Scales include a mini-usb rechargeable battery to keep you from having to store batteries. The scale’s auto-shutoff feature can be adjusted in the app to save you time and battery.

Acaia Pearl Black Features

20 Millisecond Response Time - Get real-time information about your brewing.

Reads Every 0.1 Gram - Use the exact amount of ingredients you want to - no guessing required.

Embedded Stopwatch - Keep your eye on the coffee with the stopwatch right on top of the scale.

Rechargeable Battery - Because nobody likes disposable batteries anymore.

Auto Power Options - Customize the auto-off options in the app.

Supporting Apps - Adjust settings, learn about your brew, and share your experiments with the Acaia app collection.

This product includes:

  • 1 Acaia Pearl Brewing Scale - Black
  • 1 Mini-USB Cable
  • 1 Acaia Heat Insulation Pad

The Specifics

  • Dimensions: 160mm(W) x 160mm(L) x 32mm(H)
  • Aprox. Weight: 462g
  • Measures In: Grams, Ounces
  • Capacity: 4.4 lbs / 2kg