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Able Travel Cap

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Pack your Aeropress in the most efficient way imaginable with the Able Travel Cap for the Aeropress. This light and the compact device has three functions that make travelling with coffee more convenient than ever.

The Able Travel Cap is designed to create a whole new travel compartment. When you attach it to the end of the plunger, you seal off the unused opening and make it a great space to store coffee beans or filters on your journey.

The cap is made with a food-safe elastomer that’s durable and light. Small ridges along the cap improve your grip when you press down the plunger at the end of a brew. This also reduces your brewer slipping or sliding when you brew via the inverted method.

This simple, yet very effective Aeropress accessory makes travelling with coffee you love easy, space-efficient, and less risky when it comes to spills.

Able Travel Cap Features

Creates Travel Compartment - Caps the plunger's end, allowing you to store beans or filters within.

Extra Plunging Grip - Encourages better grip when you plunge at the end of the brewing.

No-Slip Inverted Brewing - Reduces the chance of slipping and sliding when you brew via the inverted method.

This product includes:

  • 1 x Able Aeropress Travel Cap

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