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Espresso Clean Tablets (150 Tablet Jar)

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Espresso Clean Tablets (150 Tablet Jar)

This Cafetto cleaner yields the same performance as the Cafetto Espresso Clean, just in a conveniently pre-measured tablet dose.  It is designed for 3-way valve professional espresso machines. 

Directions: Daily Procedure to back-flush each delivery group:


1) Remove coffee filter from group handle & replace with "blind" filter.

2) Add one cleaning tablet into the group handle & insert as if brewing espresso.

3) Start cycle and allow running for 10 seconds to dissolve tablet.

4) Stop cycle and allow running for 10 seconds.

5) Start and stop cycle 6 more times - run for 10 seconds, stop for 10 seconds. 

6) Remove the group handle and rinse the blind filter well under stream of water from delivery group.  Turn off.

7) Re-insert handle with blind filter, start & stop cycle 10 times - run for 5 seconds, stop for 2 seconds to ensure thorough rinsing remove blind filter & insert regular filter.

8) Brew and discard a single espresso shot to re-season the machine.

Daily procedure to clean filters and group handles:

1) Dissolve 2 cleaning tablets in 500ml of hot water from the machine's boiler. 

2) Soak group handles & filters for 10 minutes.

3) Rinse thoroughly in running hot water.