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Fellow Monty Latte Art Cups


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Meet Fellow Monty Latte Art Cups, a sleek double wall ceramic cup for beautiful espresso drinks. The hidden parabolic slope lifts crema to the top without disruption for perfect latte art.

Where some see a cup, we see a canvas.

Available in two colours: Matte White and Matte Black and four sizes; 3oz, 4.5oz, 6.5oz & 11oz.

Easy Storage of the Monty Cups makes it possible to stack on espresso machines or shelves. 11 oz and 6.5 oz stack together, and 4.5 oz and 3.0 oz stack together.

Fellow Monty Latte Art Cups Features

Latte Art Fluid Dynamics A hidden parabolic slope helps you Picasso your pour by lifting crema to the top without disruption.

Stack-ability Because you’ll want more than one and a way to store them.

Double Wall Ceramic Keeps your coffee hotter, longer. And because triple seemed a little overboard.

Sleek Metal Bottom For keeping up with the Joneses.

Dishwasher Safe Unlike Joey, Monty does not need to be hand washed.

This Product includes

  • Fellow Monty Latte Art Cup(s).

The Specifics

Materials Double wall ceramic body with a copper or graphite bottom
Capacity Latte (11 oz), cappuccino (6.5 oz), cortado (4.5 oz), set of two demitasses (3.0 oz)
Weight 3oz (183g), 4.5oz (222g), 6.5oz (292g) 11oz (421g)
Dimensions 3oz (5.5x7), 4.5oz (8x7), 6.5oz (7x8.5) 11oz (10.5x8.5)


  • Matte White
  • Matte Black


  • 3oz - Espresso (double pack)
  • 4.5oz - Cortado
  • 6.5oz - Cappuccino
  • 11oz - Latte