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Podcast: Who is Barty?

Posted by Erin Fischer on

single-origin specialty coffee micro-roastery in Darlinghurst raising awareness for Mental Health. As this is our first episode, we’re going to give you guys a bit of background on Barty, how we started. What the last few years have been like and what we’re planning to do for 2022. All we have to say is: “You are not alone, your age, shape(s) or size should not be a barrier at Barty” While we cannot give professional advice we’re here to listen. If you have any questions or would like to share your experience drop a comment below.


About Erin Fischer

Am the qualified mental health professional at Barty Single Origin. Write topical pieces with a focus on mental health. Always available on chat, Just say, 'Hey Erin'. Passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and letting people know it's A-OK to be not OK. Mental health advocate, Anxiety survivor, baker, crafter, cat lover, blogger, and always down to get a coffee and chat.

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  • What a great first go, this was a dry run for us and all credit go to Erin for hosting and putting this season together. We promise the next episode, the sound will be next to none & I can not wait to hear what Erin cooks up next. Thanks again.

    Bart on

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