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Why don't we appreciate Specialty Coffee?

Posted by Bart Jawien on

So, hey ....

I find it truly fascinating that we don't show the same appreciation for Specialty Coffee like we do Wine.

We'll go into a bottle shop and spend between $50 and $150 dollars for a bottle of wine however when we're told to pay $5.50 for Soya Latte we question the Cafe or Barista intelligence.

I have spent months perfecting this roast profile with love for you guys, it’s my little way to continue to give back, paying it forward, getting to our original target of $110K for

For more info, check out the Barty Panama Peach Don Pepe Estate which goes for $35 for 150g for your filter pour over V60. However, if you're looking for the Geisha from the same farm, check out our Back Catalogue, Panama Don Pepe Estate Geisha going for $58 for the same 150g.

If the green beans are ethically sourced from origin, we take pride ourselves in roasting and cupping this profile to perfection, making an order specifically made to order for you from our very own micro-roastery in Darlinghurst in Australia.

I'm pretty sure we're *not* doing anything wrong, it's customer awareness & poor perception ... think twice next time you're speaking to a local specialty coffee ambassador.

Keen to hear your thoughts in the comments below?


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Am the Master Roaster and COO at Barty Single Origin. Philanthropist, coffee enthusiast, cyclist, hiker, runner, foodie, YouTuber and serial Instagrammer. Dedicated to raising awareness, the importance to staying present, grounded and healthy in mind as it's at the core of the Barty brand & initiative.


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