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The Ultimate Hario V60 #Barty Pink Label Pour Over Technique

Posted by Bart Jawien on

Happy to announce our second single #Barty Pink Label a strong 🚀dark full-body filter profile from Ethiopia Harrar, a fairtrade natural processed #Arabica

Add 25 grams of #Barty into your V60 filter, boil a jug of water to 98 degrees, be sure to use filter water, pre-heat the V60, getting the paper taste out first, then proceed with a 1:25 ratio, pouring over 4 times 60-90 grams, 350 out of water in 4 mins  including the bloom will make a proper #Barty filter.

Available for orders online with or without the #Barty V60 Hario Pour Over Kit


About Bart Jawien

Am the Master Roaster and COO at Barty Single Origin. Philanthropist, coffee enthusiast, cyclist, hiker, runner, foodie, YouTuber and serial Instagrammer. Dedicated to raising awareness, the importance to staying present, grounded and healthy in mind as it's at the core of the Barty brand & initiative.


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