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Did you know Caffeine, Chocolate & Pistachios are **amazing** for your Mental Health? 🤯

Posted by Bart Jawien on

Erin, Bart & Nathaniel discuss mental health while sharing some Chocolate, we banter and download what's on our radar.

Erin explains it can be hard what to believe when it comes to what foods we should incorporate more of in our diet and there’s always the latest fad/tread that people are talking about. I recently heard that pistachios could help you sleep at night and then there’s a whole green juice bandwagon that’s now turned into celery juice, also what about chocolate being good for your mental health? Then there are activities like mediation and yoga. Do they really help with your mental health or is it that our lives are so busy that when we finally get a chance to do nothing, we get this sense of relief?

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Thoughts and Praise on the Flat White

Posted by Nathaniel Fleming on

Wet cappuccino, flatty, white coffee, or simply “coffee” are some of its names. We could go into the history of the iconic flat white, but it’s more interesting to sip on why it's so personally significant to millions of people around the world.

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