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Mental Health Profile: Jocelyn

Posted by Erin Fischer on

Starting today and over the coming weeks and months here at Barty we will profiling people who have either gone through mental health struggles, going through struggles or have a unique perspective on mental health. This is because it can be hard to spot those who are going through mental illness and in order to reduce the stigma surrounding it we must talk about it. 

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Tokyo Olympics Mental Health in Sport

Posted by Bart Jawien on

Erin & Barty discuss a few major topics one being the Tokyo Olympics, Simone Biles pulls out of team gymnastics finals 'to focus on mental health' as US dominance ends, where Mental Health plays a big part in any professional sportsperson preparation for a major event.

We bake and drink some speciality coffee and fireside chat about mental health, sport and the Australia lockdown gov plans.

Important to mention you can for anything 'funky' or keen to have a chat feel free to 'Ask Erin' our Qualified Mental Health case Officer for a chat anytime.

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