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Finding Wins to Celebrate

Posted by Erin Fischer on

The other day I was driving back from an anxiety inducing situation and I laughed because for the first time as I didn’t care and wasn’t anxious about the outcome. For someone whose anxiety has fluctuated so much lately it was a win for me. A win after few weeks of uncertainty and high anxiety, that was much needed.

But it got me thinking how during Covid it can be hard to find wins big or small. It’s easy to feel like we are stuck in an endless loop like in the film Groundhog Day. How can we find these wins and break up the endless loop? It can be harder than we first thought, especially as what counts as a win to us maybe won’t count as a win to someone else. So, what could be considered a win? In normal times maybe keeping a plant alive or going to the gym could count as wins? For me any time I don’t let my anxiety get me down is a win for me and one I try to acknowledge.

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How to be There For Friends in Lockdown

Posted by Erin Fischer on

The Sydney lockdown is going on longer than expected and if you’re anything like me you will know people who are affected by it. It can be hard to be there for them especially if you’re restricted by state border closures. Even if you’re normally separated by a state border it can feel more restrictive and isolating.

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Hey, I'm Erin your Mental Health Support & Community Service Officer

Posted by Erin Fischer on

Hello, hey there! How is everyone going? It’s a pleasure and an honour to join the team at Barty, Australia.

My mission at Barty is to own, write and manage the ‘Support Forums’ including live-chat across Australia. We're going to start small with a view to growing the service for all ages, backgrounds, shapes and sizes. 

I’m truly excited, keen to share, and focused on everything mental health and mental illness related. My aim and purpose, if you’ll allow me, is to dedicate myself 24/7 to supporting the Barty community in real-time, raise awareness, and tackle the stigma surrounding mental illness.

It’s OK to be not OK, we've got you covered. 

Funk comes in waves, it comes and goes.  It’s like Yoga, you’ll never become strong if you don't practice often. Same goes for mental health, there’s tools out there, all you need is a little courage and be willing to ask for help?

Feel free to reach out anytime, say ‘Hey Erin’, use the chat button. Some good starter questions are:  Why do I feel this way?  What should I do?  Who do I speak to?  Where do I go?

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