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Roast along Ep5 with #Barty and Mike Newman

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This week's roast along begins with some banter discussing the business of coffee, virtual cafes, and tasting a specialty from our back catalogue^ an organic RFA profile from Guatemala.

5 part mini-series with Mike Newman, in this Episode 5.01 we catch up and banter about cafes.

Mike's a friend, ex-colleague, a Senior UX Designer, a Consultant who has released a new UX book, an Amazon bestseller called the Sweet Spot written for businesses, stakeholders or clients. A resource to help elevate your career towards better User Experience (UX) strategy and leadership.

Episode 5.01 Bit of Coffee Banter & Catching up with Mike

Episode 5.02 Science of Roasting, UX Design & The Sweet Spot

Episode 5.03 UX Challenges & Starting to Cook #Barty Green

Episode 5.04 First Crack, Mental Health & Finding an Outlet

Episode 5.05 A-OK to ask for Help & Tasting a #Barty Green

Mike generously shouts a limited-time promo, supporting, we both lean in, the first 10 kits purchased, 100% of proceeds go to ReachOut, receive a #Barty​ Green profile & the Sweet Spot book on Mike & #Barty​, we're paying it forward.

We taste the #Barty​ Green El Salvador Bourbon, Chocolate, and Guatemala coffee throughout the series, all single-origin profiles that you can find in our online coffee store.

#Barty​ has spent months perfecting this roast profile with love for you guys, it’s my little way to continue to give back, paying it forward, getting to our original target of $110K for

As such all orders are made to order from my very own micro-roastery in Darlinghurst.



^The Back Catalogue is #Bartys curated coffee collection, like a famous record collections of coffee profiles, which you can purchase anytime, all orders are made to order to profile with a minimum lead time of 2 to 3 weeks.   


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Am the Master Roaster and COO at Barty Single Origin. Philanthropist, coffee enthusiast, cyclist, hiker, runner, foodie, YouTuber and serial Instagrammer. Dedicated to raising awareness, the importance to staying present, grounded and healthy in mind as it's at the core of the Barty brand & initiative.


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