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Roast along Ep6 with #Barty and Sally Cowan

Posted by Bart Jawien on

This week's roast along goes where no man has gone before, we discuss puppies, sport science, coffee in a can, and the impacts of mental health on young people influenced by Social Media.

We also taste a few single originals and freestyle a coffee paring session to understand your palate, different brewing methods, selecting a varietal, roasting, and cupping a profile specific for Sallys lifestyle.

5 part mini-series with Sally Cowan, in this Episode 6.01 we get straight into what type of coffee is suited for your lifestyle while shining a spotlight on nutrition and sport.

Sally and I have known one other for more than 10 years. We've lived together and I have watched Sally go from strength to straight. Sally has a ^^Double Degree in Exercise Sport Science, Nutrition Dietetics and a Certification IV in Personal Training. An amazing human who takes fitness and nutrition extremely seriously, with 15+ years of professional experience in the fitness industry, one of my favourite humans who is truly making a difference.

Episode 6.01 Catchup on Puppies & Coffee Pairing a few Singles

Episode 6.02 Balancing Fitness, Nutrition and Mental Health & We Pair a few Coffees 

Episode 6.03 Social Media, Bullying, Sustainable Fitness Goals & Getting Roasted

Episode 6.04 A True Perspective on Reality & Charging the #Barty Black

Episode 6.05 Top 5 Questions you should be asking your PT before committing to your next session

To connect with Sally on all things fitness and nutrition, a no BS forum on Facebook, you can request to join: The Permanent Fat Loss Solution any time.

We taste the #Barty​ Pink from Ethiopia Harrar, from 254 a new released RTD coffee in a can, the GunFire Reviver Whisky profile, and we roast and cup the #Barty​ Black on Black Yirgacheffe from Ethiopia throughout the series, all profiles are single-origins sustainably sourced which can be purchased from our store online.

#Barty​ has spent months perfecting this roast profile with love for you guys, it’s my little way to continue to give back, paying it forward, getting to our original target of $110K for

As such all orders are made to order from my very own micro-roastery in Darlinghurst.



^^Sally's complete list of certificates and accreditations:
BAppSc (Exercise Sport Science)
BSc (Nutrition)
Nutritional Coaching Institute Online Nutrition Coach
Australian Strength & Conditioning Association Certified Coach
International Kettlebell & Strength Training Academy Certified Coach
Barre Attack Instructor
Monkey Bar Gym Accredited Trainer
Children's Yoga Instructor
Yoga Therapy Instructor



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Am the Master Roaster and COO at Barty Single Origin. Philanthropist, coffee enthusiast, cyclist, hiker, runner, foodie, YouTuber and serial Instagrammer. Dedicated to raising awareness, the importance to staying present, grounded and healthy in mind as it's at the core of the Barty brand & initiative.


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