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Roast Along Ep10 with #Barty and Ash Jones & Luke Jennings #mantime

Posted by Bart Jawien on

This week’s Roast Along brings out some true colours, Barty's funny and animated side. Barty has Ash Jones, a good friend, join him for this episode. We hang out, get our hair cut, enjoy a couple of tins, do some #mantime, it’s real, raw, just dudes being dudes. 

Ash and #Barty have only known one another for a short time however the last 6 months have been interesting & inspiring to say the least getting to know Ash and his wife to be Dagny. Ash is almost 10 years #Barty's junior ... what an inspiring man Ash is becoming, working and playing hard, finding his way, working out what drives him while keeping his sh#t together living with ADHD, running, and/or supervising an extremely successful glazing company in Sydney, Australia. 

You will also meet through this 4 part mini-series Luke Jennings, one of #Barty's best mates, a seriously talented hairdresser who #Barty's known for a while, almost 7 years since the day he walked into Lukes salon. Funnily enough both Ash and Luke do not drink or like coffee. Wanted to experiment our Blue Barty Decaf from Peru on the boys which ended up being a 👎

Thought it would be a great opportunity for Luke and Ash to meet, also, it was really cool to take the Roast Along show out of the coffee bar and into a different space. It created, a true and unconditional environment for us boys, we opened up, being present, real with zero boundaries -- don’t know about you, but there is something about going and sitting at a barber. Hairdressers seem to have a gift, making you feel at ease, opening you up to share your deepest & darkest secrets. 

Ash did say he enjoyed getting pampered and loved #mantime.  

We riff on all topics dudes seem to want to get into with a bit of bravado and testosterone in the room. When given the opportunity to #mantime, Episode 10 hits the spot.

We drive to Bondi, see Luke at his salon where it all unfolds, the good, bad and straight-up honest. It was a real pleasure hanging with the boys, getting our hair cut, and paying it forward because both the lads have recently gone through some serious stuff and it was great to see us lean-in to the fact that we’re not alone dealing with all sorts of pressures and mental health. 

Episode 10.01 We Drive to Bondi, Touch On Ash’s Work-Life Balance & He Managing ADHD

Episode 10.02 Ash gets the chop, Luke Opens Up & We taste the #Barty Blue Decaf from Peru 

Episode 10.03 We discuss Well-Being, Zones, Work-Life Balance & Keeping Your SH#T together

Episode 10.04 #Barty takes Ash & Luke to Ramen. We demonstrate #mantime works magic for dudes mental health 

We taste the Blue #Barty a Peruvian Alto Palomar an Organic, to Ash’s surprise loved the decaf, taste, and profile. A clean profile with good body and green apple acidity, faint cocoa notes, and a smooth and sweet lingering chocolate finish. 100% chemical-free with no caffeine. Comes from the Bourbon, Typica, and Caturra varietals where Peru is one of the world's top Fairtrade Organic producing origins. Early records of coffee plantations in Peru are from the late 18th century, reaching the Chanchamayo region in the early 19th century. The name of the region is derived from the river Chanchamayu which originates in the Andes Mountain Range. Peruvian coffee grows in the Andean valleys and high jungle, where the fertile soil, the altitude and the moisture of the region make it a favourable area to grow coffee. Coffee is grown in the shade of species native to the region, this way the farmers ensure the maintenance and regeneration of indigenous biodiversity. The coffee is then harvested completely by hand.

All our profiles are single-origins you can find in our online coffee store.

#Barty​ has spent months perfecting these roast profiles with love. It’s his little way to continue to give back, pay it forward, and get to our original target of $110K for

All orders are made to order from our very own micro-roastery in Darlinghurst.


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