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Review: Tomorrow Woman Workshop

Posted by Erin Fischer on

Tomorrow Woman is an organisation that runs workshops and events for women of all ages across schools, community clubs and everything in between. You might have heard of Tomorrow Man this is the female version. The aim of these workshops is to leave you feeling empowered, not alone and making mental health not a taboo topic. 

When given the opportunity to attend one of these workshops Barty Mental Health Officer, Erin jumped at the chance it was called: Gather done in partnership with Tomorrow Woman, along with the following description: ‘We'll have a casual and honest conversation about exploring the impact of gender stereotypes and about modern womanhood in this changing landscape. Through engaging activity we’ll take some time out, recalibrate the collective femininity, and ask the question, as women, “what do we need today + what do we want for tomorrow?”. 

“I had no idea what to expect, but I walked away feeling empowered and with a better understanding of what others were going through and how the expectations that society place on us can impact us in various ways.’ - says Erin, Barty Mental Health Officer.

The workshop was facilitated by The Kind Life & Co and Athlete X and run by Tomorrow Woman it went for 2 hours on a Sunday with doors opening 30 minutes prior at 10.00 am to give attendees a chance to grab a coffee and chat with their fellow attendees. There were a total of 40 women in attendance which was a really impressive turnout and was great to see. 

Having been shown a video about what society expects of women, was confronting as it showed what women are told on a daily basis and how it can be so contradicting. 

These are messages that the media, social media and even our peers tell us on a daily basis and can be hard not to believe when we’re surrounded by the messages. Discussions followed this about how we felt about these messages. Slides were then shown listing various facts about women in leadership, mental health statistics and other things we may not have thought about and then the floor was opened up to additional discussions. 

Activities followed where we were asked to share our life stories in 1.5 minutes in small groups, stand on a line and take steps forward and back if we identified with anything and continuing to have general conversation about topics that impacted us or things that we might not have thought about or voiced until that day. 

This workshop was really hands-on and there was never a period of time where it was just the facilitators talking and us not doing anything. It was definitely a unique experience and one that was welcomed. The workshop was filled with laughter and tears and it was amazing to be a part of it. It was followed by a lovely spread of food and more talking. Everyone left feeling like they were part of a greater community and all were thankful that they had the opportunity to be among so many strong women. 

It is worth attending one of these workshops if given the opportunity. 

Click here to see a schedule of all upcoming events run by Tomorrow Woman. 

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