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REVIEW: The TRUTH about the AeroPress Coffee Maker

Posted by Bart Jawien on

This is a quick product review of the AeroPress & AeroPress Go Part2 wherein Part1 Barty does a comparison while all the big Youtube celebrities bang on about how the Go isn't fit for purpose at home or when travelling.

The AeroPress extraction TDS result was 1.74% which means the cup from the AeroPress classics was diluted even though 60mL more coffee, almost similar mL to the GO, the half mug of coffee that was extracted. To add, the AeroPress can be said that it makes a similar cup to the V60 Pour Over TDS's however with less the equipment and control to brewing a perfect cup.

Again, I use the same 20grams-in but this time the Aero Classic extracted 200grams-out making a 1:10.0 Ratio which was watery and lacked true balance. If you're considering purchasing the old school AeroPress because it holds more water then don't be deluded. The aim to making a good coffee is all about the Ratio of grounds v water where the grind quality to dialling-in an Aero is the major variant not the volume of water required in the Aero plunger.

Which means you'll need to add more coffee v water using the Aero Classic to achieve a 1:7.0 Ratio.

Finally, both AeroPress 's out there will never make a cup more than 180mL depending on the amount of coffee you add from the outset which means if you're looking to brew for two or three people respectfully like the V60, it's impossible and that's a fact. 


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