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Product REVIEW: The AeroPress & AeroPress GO make an **Identical** cup

Posted by Bart Jawien on

This is a quick product review of the AeroPress GO in comparison with the old school AeroPress which you will hear all the big Youtube celebrities bang on about how the Go isn't fit for purpose at home or when travelling.  James Hoffmann can you do everyone a favour, your 2019 clip is not your finest piece of work reviewing a product that's identical and frankly makes the exact same coffee. What a load of absolute Bollocks!

The extraction TDS result was 2.36% which means the cup was well balanced, smooth and perfectly extracted coffee using a recipe with a 1:7 ratio with 20g of coffee in, and 140g of brew out, I achieved 2.3% TDS. It produced a well-balanced, smooth, and perfectly-extracted AeroPress  coffee. Bollocks!!!

The AeroPress was not built to make a Longblack or Espresso which means you will never need to brew more than 140mL for your milk based drinks. Additionally, your Longblack will require hot water to make a full cup.  

An Espresso TDS should be something between 8-12%.

There are a million definitions how to make a ristretto but I think the most precise way to define it is to say that Ristretto's TDS should be something more than 12%.

So it is just a stronger espresso (and maybe under-extracted?). Same way works Lungo, its TDS should be something between 2-8 %.

For filter coffee correct TDS should be something between 1.15 % and 1.35 % which I think that is quite mild for light roasts so I’m willing to go up to 1.9 %. 

So, the AeroPress will never make a coffee that's well balanced in the 8% TDS range however the Aeropress will always sit between a V60 Pour-Over and a Lungo ready for milk or hot water.

If you're considering to purchase the old school AeroPress because it holds more water then don't be deluded. The aim to making a good coffee is all about the ratio of grounds v water where the grind quality to dialing-in an Aero is the major variant not the volume of water required in the Aero plunger. 


Finally, both AeroPress 's out there will never make a cup more than 180mL depending on the mount of coffee you add from the outset which means if you're looking to brew for two or three people respectfully like the V60, it's impossible and that's a fact.



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