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Mental Health in the Work Place, Barty WholeSale & Consulting Services + Biz Update

Posted by Bart Jawien on

Erin, Bart & Nathaniel discuss mental health in the workplace, corporate environments and asking for a mental health day is somewhat still taboo. Also, the type of health products out there sold specifically for the mental health category.

Nathaniel leans in about writing a piece on wellness, keeping a daily ritual and we discuss the importance of flavour in Coffee. He leans in to explain Umami, which is also known as monosodium glutamate is one of the core fifth tastes including sweet, sour, bitter, and salty in coffee.

Bart provides a Barty biz update on how we can continue to support the hospitality industry & cafes looking for WholeSale & Trade as well as Consulting Services. Also, unpacks what's install for Barty for the next 6 months.

For example, if your cafe is struggling with your UberEats, website, online, eCommerce, digital marketing or wholesale coffee equipment & trade supplies come and speak with us, because the discounts on our store are purely for customers while in Covid lockdown in need of specialty coffee & kits at home.

Important to mention you can for anything 'funky' or keen to have a chat feel free to Ask Barty’ for a chat anytime.

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Am the Master Roaster and COO at Barty Single Origin. Philanthropist, coffee enthusiast, cyclist, hiker, runner, foodie, YouTuber and serial Instagrammer. Dedicated to raising awareness, the importance to staying present, grounded and healthy in mind as it's at the core of the Barty brand & initiative.


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