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How to Stay Sane During a Lockdown

Posted by Erin Fischer on

It seems like most of the country is in lockdown from Sydney to Perth to Darwin to Brisbane lockdowns are happening all over the country, thanks to Covid. With that comes changing of plans and it’s totally normal and expected to feel out of sorts and displaced.  So how can we cope and make the most out of this uncertain period?

I’m a big believer in sticking to a routine and it's important to do this during Lockdown. Try to keep things as normal as possible, get up, get dressed, have breakfast, and so on. It may be tempting to stay in your pyjamas all day but it’s not going to benefit your mental health, even if you get changed into comfy clothes it will still make a difference.

If you’re working from home, it’s recommended to keep your workspace separate from your sleep space as this means at the end of the day you can properly switch off.

Lockdown is now a good as any to pick up a new skill. Maybe you’ve always wanted to bake a cake or learn how to sew or even code. The internet has a world of information at your fingertips from YouTube videos to detailed tutorials you are bound to find a new skill you can pick up.

Even in the worst lockdowns you’re still allowed to exercise outside if only for an hour with a mask. Go for a walk or a run and get outside in the fresh air. Explore your neighbourhood and look at your surroundings.

We all have those tasks we keep putting off, things like organising closets or finally deep cleaning the freezer or even starting that veggie patch. Now’s as good as time any to work on your to do list and get it reduced. The tasks can even be fun maybe you have a puzzle you have been meaning to do or something you started and just haven’t found the time to complete. Write down a list of tasks and have fun crossing them off and feeling productive.

Whenever there is a press conference me and two friends message each other in a group chat as it’s happening. We make predictions of the amount of covid cases, how late the premier will be, if a lockdown will be announced, talk about the interpreter (her name is Fiona) or the guy whose job it is to open the door (we found out his name is Steve) or just point out all the funny comments that are happening during the live streams. For us this makes things less daunting, but it also brings us together. Just because you can’t see people face to face doesn’t mean you can’t message, call or video chat. Remember to reach out to those in your life, people need connection during this time more than ever.

It’s also a good time to get through your to watch list or to read pile. Maybe you have been meaning to find out what’s all the fuss about Hamilton or catch up on Grey's Anatomy or even watch all of Bart’s Roast Alongs now’s a perfect time to do it. The same goes for reading those books you have piling up on various bookshelves. Let yourself escape reality if even only for an hour or two each day.

Lockdowns aren’t fun and you’re allowed to feel upset about plans changing and not being able to predict when things will go back to normal. If you’re struggling feel free to reach out to me and let’s talk, you don’t have to feel these things alone. 

Feel free to drop by, just say, Hey Barty in strict confidence and you can be anonymous if you wish. Or, do not hesitate to leave a question in the comments below any time.


About Erin Fischer

Am the qualified mental health professional at Barty Single Origin. Write topical pieces with a focus on mental health. Always available on chat, Passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and letting people know it's A-OK to be not OK.


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