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How to Get Help During a Lockdown

Posted by Erin Fischer on

Covid has returned with a vengeance it seems and with that it’s expected to impact your mental health, so what happens when you’re really not coping, and you need help.     

GPs are open but with added restrictions and depending on what the appointment is for they may recommend telehealth (an appointment over the phone or video), they also may require you to get a Covid test beforehand and depending on restrictions wear a mask. If you’re unsure about what restrictions apply to you, it’s best to ring up. This means that if you are really struggling you can book an appointment with them and discuss what options are available.

Psychologists come under allied health services which means they are required to do telehealth appointments unless it’s a life-threatening emergency. You can still see your psychologist however it may be over the phone or a video call.

There are a bunch of services you can access online as well: - online professional therapy. 

Lifeline – online or over the phone help

Kids Helpline – online or over the phone help for those aged 5 – 25

ReachOut – online help including forums for those aged 13 – 25

And of course, feel free to shoot me a message and I will do my best to help. 

Feel free to drop by, just say, Hey Barty in strict confidence and you can be anonymous if you wish. Or, do not hesitate to leave a question in the comments below any time.


About Erin Fischer

Am the qualified mental health professional at Barty Single Origin. Write topical pieces with a focus on mental health. Always available on chat, Passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and letting people know it's A-OK to be not OK.


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