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Grain Pro is the next generation of e2e coffee supply change -- a true game changer.

Hermetic Storage is a system that protects commodities from moisture damage, insects, and molds.

Watch this simple video to learn all about it.


Humanity entered the 21st century facing an existential crisis: our fossil fuel derived economic growth had raised material prosperity far beyond anything imagined by earlier humans but was unsustainable on a global scale as humans were both causing and suffering from extreme environmental changes that threatened human, and much nonhuman, life, and wellbeing on a global scale.

In response, the United Nations in 2015 created 17 sustainable development goals (SDG’s) to help humanity transition to a more sustainable way of living on the earth. 

GrainPro develops, produces, and provides hermetic post-harvest storage systems that can play an important part in helping to achieve many of these UN SDG’s over the next ten years and beyond. Our most significant contributions, as will be detailed in the remainder of this report, are in seven of the SDG’s impacted by our products, including

  1. no poverty,
  2. zero hunger,
  3. good health and well-being,
  4. gender equality,
  5. decent work and economic growth,
  6. responsible consumption and production,
  7. climate action.

We help our customers make their own transition to a low carbon sustainable future, in a way that reduces hunger and poverty among the poorest of the poor. GrainPro improves human wellbeing through responsible consumption and climate action and creates good jobs and economic growth in a gender equality work environment, while still making a market rate of return for our private equity investors. 


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