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#Barty Pink Label Hario V60 Filter Technique

Posted by Bart Jawien on

The ultimate V60 pour-over filter technique using the #Barty Pink Label a strong 🚀dark full-body filter profile from Ethiopia Harrar, a fairtrade natural processed #Arabica

Add 25 grams of #Barty into your V60 filter, boil a jug of water to 98 C / 200 F degrees, be sure to use filter water, pre-heat the V60, getting the paper taste out first, then proceed with a 1:25 ratio, pouring over 60-90 grams, 350 out of water in 4 mins including the bloom will make a proper #Barty filter.  

The roast profile is: 
Meduim-Dark (O)(O)(O)(o )( . )

The grind profile is:
@nichecoffee 40point grind
EK 6points grind

Available for orders online with or without the #Barty V60 Hario Pour Over Kit


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